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Welcome to the homepage of Shiga Iaido Yukai!

We are based in Konan City, Shiga Prefecture Learned Koryu Iaido “Musou Jikiden Eishinryu” It is an organization where everyone is studying peacefully. A man with thanks We were able to grow into a group of about 30 women in total. Twice We are active in a wide range of age groups from teens to 70s. At our dojo, first of all, for beginners, a general ceremony Learn from each basic type of technique called “Seiza” After that, “Standing knee”, “Battoujutsu”, “Standing technique” (Each will be developed in various ways such as the first story and the back story), etc. You will remember it according to your proficiency level. Up to this point, you will learn 56 techniques in total, but For my school, “Kumita sword” and “Assortment” etc. The road continues endlessly.

What is Iaijutsu?

Based on the theory that Iaijutsu is said to be continuous in our school, at the end of the Eiroku era, a martial artist named Hayashizaki Shigenobu, who was a vassal of the Mogami clan in Oshu, was held at Hayashizaki Shrine. It is said that it originated from the operation technique of the Japanese sword that opened its eyes. Speaking of “Iai”, it is famous on TV and movies that the master of the sword defeats the enemy with the early work of lightning stone fire, but in the actual Iai, he emphasizes the ritual and manners a little more stoicly and looks at the enemy he imagined himself. The main purpose is to pursue the ideal way of mind and the basis (reason) of the way of thinking of things. In the end, the most precious teaching is to live a happy life by doing work and family life harmoniously without using the many techniques that you have learned with a sword. At our dojo, beginners will first learn from a series of ceremonies and 11 basic techniques called “Seiza”, and then “Standing knees”, “Swordsmanship”, and “Standing techniques” (first stories of each).・ We will develop various things such as Okuden), etc., so that you can learn according to your proficiency level. Up to this point, you will have learned a total of 56 techniques, but in our school, the path of “kumite swords” and “packing” will continue endlessly.

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